Boss Pocket GT Guitar Multi-FX

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Boss Pocket GT Guitar Multi-FX, electric guitar multi effects, light and compact, YouTube has become the most popular music learning source for guitarists, the Pocket GT makes working with the platform's content easier and more productive than ever. The Pocket GT hardware provides the sound engine and audio connections, while the BOSS Tone Studio app offers a YouTube browser that streams sound to Pocket GT, plus an intuitive interface for shaping sounds. This integrated approach simplifies set up and eliminates switching between apps, giving players a hassle-free way to enjoy premium guitar tones while watching online lessons and jamming with videos.same sound engine as the best-selling GT-1 floor processor, Pocket GT puts over 100 world-class amps and effects in an ultra-compact package. The 99 user memories come filled with ready-to-play sounds; Controls: Value, Gain, Level, Reverb, Master; Buttons: Select (OD/DS, Mod, Delay) Bluetooth, Tuner/Exit, Start/Pause, Reverse, Forward; Switches: Power (ON/Off), Center Cancel (ON/Off); Input: Input (6,3mm jack), Aux In; Outputs: Phones/ Rec Out (3,5 mm mini jack) ; USB; 9V DC power supply (coaxial connection - negative pole inside, not included, Item # 102842).

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