Great for beginners

I bought this DJ controller as an absolute beginner with a general idea about DJing, but the hardware and the software really helped me getting started.

Controller is quite small and light, but then again, very portable; it fits easily in my laptop backpack. The plastic doesn't feel so sturdy, but so far I had zero problems. The pads are made of plastic and not rubber and are very clicky, this is probably my least favourite part of the hardware. Sliders could have a little more resistance to them. Jogwheels are very responsive.

Combined with free Hercules software DJuced it works flawlessly and the beatmatch guide is really helpful for a starting DJ. I haven't tried it with any other software.

I would recommend this controller to an absolute beginner or to someone who needs small, simple and portable DJ controller for parties or similar situations. But if you are seriously looking into DJing, then I would say go for a bigger deck with more functions, just to futurproof yourself.