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Eurorack module

  • Variable Spectrum harmonic cluster oscillator
  • Additive sound synthesis with up to 2560 partials (harmonic partials)
  • Simple operation with direct access to all parameters
  • Controls for coarse and fine tuning
  • Linear Through-Zero FM input with attenuator
  • Exponential FM input with attenuator
  • Spectrum Analyzer with 12 LEDs to visualize the distribution of partials
  • Number, distribution and level of partials can be controlled via 9 parameters and CV inputs
  • Unisono detuning of up to 5 voices possible
  • 5-Part polyphonic playable via Hel-Expander (Article Nr. #478237#, not included)
  • Separate outputs for fundamental, straight and odd harmonics
  • Current consumption: 110mA (+12V) / 80mA (-12V)
  • Width: 24 TE
  • Depth: 32 mm

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